Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Why Satyam program was flop…

Why Satyam program was flop…

September 14, 2005 – Jaipur, I enter the OLH 2:45 , finds Vineet (IT) and Abhi (CS) setting up the PCs. Few more BCs pops in. We are still waiting for people to come. It is the same feeling the “juice wala” has now-a-day who had been shifting position from GMP to Outside back date to Archi department now-a-days. We waited, some lonely souls drops in, that includes our own Rohit, Deepak and Vinay. They asks whats happening, and we say, it’s a mentor program. What is a mentor program? Is satyam going to give training opportunity? We don’t know! But we do know that we have to do something or the show is flop! We hanged around the 1st year block, Hostel No. 1, 2, 3 seeking people, burning petrol and making the 1st yearites worry whats happening. Some how we don’t know ourself, whats happening, so we cant help much.

Returning from Hostel seeking the first year guys, myself & Arpit enters the OLH again, we see 20 students (wow) standing, two Satyam people, and Director Sir facing poor soul Abhishek. The director was frustrated, the visitors were frustrated, the BCs were frustrated, the students weren’t frustrated. Deepak (Tunni) found the opportunity to sleep off. Shivangee said to director sir, “Sir, We are expecting the students to be here in 15 mins, please wait!” I thought, “Is anyone coming?”

The program some hows starts, it was beneficial and honestly not boring this time. I don’t know what happened last time, but this was good. We learned that “Aakhir itne bachchon to company le kar kyun jati hai?”, “Do they fire out people from the job if they don’t perform well?” “What is consultancy service?” “What should we work for at the beginning of career, money or learning?”

I am not a journalist who is going to quote what they said and why they said, but I am giving my view: Freedom of speech!

What the students were expecting?

Simple, you stop us right there, stop talking about our future, the IT industry, the market, give us placement. And then train us and we will work on your project, you give us the cash.

The dude said on Abhishek question, “We don’t offer training program!” Ten boys grouped up and left, the other 90% felt betrayed.

What’s training?

They define training this way, and to your heart you know its true, “you spend the first 4 weeks in a canteen, and then a project in charge is appointed and he helps you prepare the project report! You give that take a certificate.” So what we all are looking forward is some magical stick that at the end of IIIrd year, we will go out seeking training in some respectful companies and then we get the test of the market. The dilemma don’t ends here, after we finish the training, we say when we get placed the company will provide us GET, we will learn there and grow up. And then we think when our training will be over, we will think when we start working on real projects our time will start. And at the end of road it never happens. Coz we are confused, aint we? We say don’t work for money at the beginning of your career and the first question you put in about a company is what’s the package? Funny!

Who are you?

Once placed in IBM, Satyam, or Wipro, you are the income generating machine for them. When one is doing a business and hiring a person, he will make sure that he gets double of what he pays to you out. Recently I hired Le Vu Houng from Vietnam to write Email capture routine for one of our product, he charged $500, we marketed the feature and ended up making over 2000$ with it last month, and will continue to make more money each month to come. I talked with Le Vu, why you aint making your software and entering the market. He said, I am from Vietnam, I don’t have credit card to purchase domain name and google adwords. Is not having a credit card stopping an MCSD from entering the race of ISVs! And What is stopping you? The 15,000 bucks that Satyam is promising to pay you?

Lets see, 50% of the class want to go to IBM, 2.76 lac p.a., cutting income tax on it, it is 18k per month. Are we happy with it? Yes! Because, we are use to learn “how to write a good sexy resume to get attention?” instead of writing a good business plan to convert our potential to reality. Or we are just part of the rat race, of getting monthly pay check and living to it. We have to change our vision of living from pay-check to pay-check. And then calculating our bills, electricity bill this much, water bill this much, and ok, 1000 bucks left for saving.

The planet had changed, generation had changed, but the way we look at things hadn’t, we aint changed from our seniors, I am talking of our 10 years seniors! We have not! And the problem is we don’t want to. We don’t think it is possible to earn a lac rupees a month before even graduating, and if we see such example we think he had some miraculous power.

While Renuka was interviewing me for Digit, she asked: how do you manage things? I said, its terrible, I live a life of spider man, without super natural power; so I am late at everything, and makes terrific errors. But at the end of the day, I am happy that I am not a part of the rat-race, coz I believe that my aim is not to work for a corporation but to own one.

If I don’t stop here, I will be missing my morning class again,