Friday, January 25, 2008

Training New College Grads to be Software Professionals

.... harvesting the power of fresh talents!

Above video: "During the Welcome session, me discussing the Eric Sink's Career formula."

Where do you find the right employee for you? Especially in a crowd of consultancy companies working on yet another web-application, who can bargain a healthy amount to a 3year "ASPdotNet/Axcess" developer (ahem, coder). In a town like Jaipur is, finding System programmers is difficult, if not, near impossible.

The solution:

We teach what we have learned the hard way.

The training that RXS is offering to the fresh hires (trainee) (which have been selected after rigorous process of written technical, aptitude, programming, english and interview) is about Software Development. My presentation said:-



Let's see the possible points made by others at a discussion forum and my thoughts on it:-

Problem 1:
" given the job market in india, your "freshers" will job hop as soon as they get experience."

You purchase a 100 rupee stamp paper and make them sign a bond to work at least an xx number of months. In my opinion, I don't like this. If you are providing the environment and standard salary why will they job hop.

Problem 2:
"Yes, absolutely, this is a very smart move. BUT, you have to make sure to hire only graduates with a verifiable track record of having done programming BEFORE they started their degree program."

Good point was raised right at the right time when the test was about to be conducted, every applicant wrote 4 programs in C/C++ during their written/interview tests, people with good idea of pointers and problem solving approach have been preferred. Everything else we will guide!

Problem 3:
"your cost in manpower to train them may be similar to their output"

So far my experience with "experienced" employees been the same, it hasn't been necessarily that our employee work will break-ever the salary paid to them. The good thing is, it is leveled with the overall result of the office. It again, could be solved with careful recruitment. One time being pleased with the answer of PostMessage and SendMessage difference and hire resulted me with a lose of 1lac in salary. sshhh....

Problem 4:
"Many companies complain that their IT employees lack the skills they need. Many companies and "pointy-haired" bosses forget that no school will provide ALL the skills their employees need, and training is necessary.

These people, expect to hire IT employees, like going to a walmart and buying products !!!"

Yeah, exactly!

Problem 5:
"Check that this IS NOT about paying programmers less, but paying people to become PRODUCTIVE programmers FOR YOU."

The idea of trainee had been born only to solve the problem of finding good "developers".

Well, we will know with time, if it was a good decision.

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