Friday, July 24, 2009

Boat Manio Game for iPhone Controls Traffic at the Marina

AS has announced Boa6 Mania, a new game on the AppStore for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You've played traffic control games in the air. Now it's time to have some addictive fun at the marina! Gameplay is simple yet challenging which is great game for beginners and pros alike.

Your marina has three different colored piers. Boats will appear on the screen at a constantly higher rate. Trace a path for each boat to land at the correctly colored pier. But don't let them crash into each other or you'll lose a life! Steer boats over treasures to earn extra points.

Boat Mania includes two exciting modes of game play. Going for the classic high-score using the Quickplay mode is always fun. But it doesn't stop there. Boat Mania's Level mode gives you ten unlockable levels to beat. Each level has varying goals.

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