Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mobile Developers: Confused like Never Before

In India the education system is quite interesting, well criticized by 5 Point Someone and 3 Idiots. Students choose their college first, branch second. And it seldom goes to their liking. The confusion continued in the curriculum when there is fight between .NET and Java, where .NET meant ASP.NET web apps, and Java meant Core-Java+JSP. What is wrong with it? Here is an interesting link, which I agrees. Java/C# is not true languages for "students" to learn programming.

The pattern is unfortunately continuing in the professional life. Is your decision to switch to Android, iPhone, or what-so-ever driven by market reports, or your interest?

With recent launching of Android devices by almost every manufacturer out there, along with many home made cheap one, Android is very much becoming the Windows of Smartphones. The numbers will grow on, but I doubt the numbers will make the consumer base grow as fast. Compare piracy on Windows with Mac, the same may happen with Android to BlackBerry. Think of the fact if someone is buying $150 Android device, will they buy a $99 subscription Mobile-Spy? How many millionaires Android has made, compared to iPhone? Talk about fragmentation, talk about numbers of developers jumping to Android causing saturation.

And iPhone? Buy a costly Mac first. This single reason stops many developers jumping to iPhone development. Strict app control, long waiting approval process? A whole new [objective c] language?

Nokia: Happy with its market share? If so proud why are they moving away from Symbian themselves? And what is the ego in taking pride of making the hardest programming language, 15months to learn. Are you kidding? You can learn Assembly language faster.

I can go on for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, WebOS, but that is not the point.

What is the point?

Leave the market reports for us, the Companies, when it comes to you, see your own shadow first. Is it a logical to switch from iPhone to Android just because of market share? Isn't it more important what does your CV say? 3years experience in Symbian, made a jump to BlackBerry! C++ to Java.

Each platforms like stated above has minus points, but similar plus points. Android easier to pick up, Nokia write an app for your own mobile, iPhone just a lovely platform to code for.

Think logically, Mac continues with less than 10% market share of home computers, but it doesn't stop Apple from launching AppMarket for Mac. You can make money with a platform that has less than 10% market share, and sometime it is questionable to make same money in 45% Symbian market.

The market share is tip of the mountain. You are the mountain. Make a career switch that justifies your profile, your likeness and skills. And be proud of whatever you are working on, 2% market share doesn't mean 2 users, sometimes it means over 2million user base. If your app are being used by so many users, it justifies your development efforts. But it doesn't justify if you leave your past experience and start fresh.

All said and done, we @ Retina Software work in most of the mobile platforms. Whichever is your liking and skills set, you are welcome to join us. While our specialties lies in monitoring software, we are doing tons of innovative applications for every platforms. Apply now, we are bounded only by space!

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