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Making Tank-O-Mania : iPhone Tank Game

Update: the game is online, find more about it at

I learned a little about game programming in 1998, before I started to work on Windows. We use to do most of our job in Borland-C++ and use the DOS int86 calls. I happen to buy the book Action Arcade Adventure Set, written by Diana Gruber. In 100s of tech books I have read so far (including academics), this one is the only I have read cover to cover. The book was excellent. But it covered C, and VGA 256 colors 320x240 mode-x, with about 128"KB" of available memory.

I usually say to people, learn the concept not the language. The book manage to throw a lot of light on Tile-based side scrolling, sprites, game engine and a lot more.

Fast forward to now, while the majority of games are being done for PC, or consoles with all the awesome 3D and no controller (kinect) engines, a new chapter is introduced with launch of Smartphones. It is like the bell-bottom era making a come back. The sizes of 320x240, less memory and casual gamers concept is being back. The era of 2D is reintroduced.

iPhone Tank Game
I was in Delhi and thinking of the statements of Bill Gates, something like taking books on vacations. I opened and ordered some books, out of which one was on Cocos2D. And while doing some net readings, I came across tank graphics from Vicki Wenderlich. All those who have grown up in 80s and early 90s must have played Mario, Contra in arcade stores. There was one called Tank90, and it was cool. One look at the Tanks and I wanted to do that.

And hence the coding for Tank-O-Mania, iPhone Tank Game started on 26 Oct, 2011, the day of Diwali.

At first it made of all tiles and tanks graphics from Vicki, but later our in-house designer did some tremendous work and the sprites took form. I contacted another excellent designer to do the level-art and managed sounds from stock sounds. And hence I dumped that version, and recreated everything from scratch.

The best part was programming, programming the game was awesome and I am already missing writing codes for it. It is like the availability to create own world, where we set the rules. And thanks for Ra-One release in between to keep me just as pumped.

The game has:

- 30+ types of Enemies with Unique A.I.
- 24 Levels of Play within 6 Countries
- 5 different Weapons including Mines, Grenades and Rockets
- Call Friendly Helicopter for Air Strike
- 5 Power Ups including Invisible Mode, Freeze Enemy, Extra Lives and more
- Classic Arcade Joystick as well as Accelerometer based control
- Strategical Level Designs
- Game Center support, Compete with the World for High Score
- Dazzling Graphics of World Powers and Realistic Cities
- Thundering Battleground Music and Sounds Effects

And here's some screenshots:

iPhone Tank Game

iPhone Tank Game
Tank-O-Mania, iPhone Tank Game, is Waiting Review from Apple. Till then

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  1. The game looks awesome. I wish an absolute and well deserved success for it.