Monday, February 27, 2012

What "should" motivate you!

When you cross 25, you realize life is cruel. All the hopes and dreams you have had in your young life is shattered in the harsh reality of organizational policies, politics and a bald boss. You snooze your alarm clocks several times before awaking from your bed, and dread reaching your office. You hate to see if your boss has reached earlier, and it could be a day of those nasty yelling. The day passes in sorting out who is in your side, and what the back-stabbers are planning as their next move. And the team meeting discussion hot topic is how to convey the project delay to the client. The joy comes when clock ticks 5, and like a prisoner out of prison, you run out satisfied at least one day is over. Life is cruel! But what is it that gets you going?

Now of course, the low salary doesn't give enough space for multiple bottles of Red Bulls and the office milk-powder coffee is hateful. But still something helps you maintain your senses. Lets first see what is it that keeps you motivated:

Money: If I don't work, wait, if I don't punch the attendance and seat in office I won't get paid. Money is the primary motivations, no matter how much people say it isn't, it is. Realize it sooner and lead a truthful life.

Recognition: Awards and promotions has always been the not-so-secret weapon of your managers to achieve the "Carrot Motivation" in its staff. Surprisingly it has been working on humans for so long.

Fear: How fast can you run? 6-8KM/H? Imaging a blood sucking wolf running after you, now, how fast can you run? 10-12Km/h, or at least faster than the wolf. Replace running with working, and wolf with ... (do I need to say?), and their you have the fear motivation. Fear of losing your job, security, feeling of employment, social status, money, it all drives to continue achieving the target so blindly set by your managers.

Again, I can go on... but I will keep these as the top three motivators, if you have any different feel free to comment and correct me.

So the point of the blog is, what instead should be your motivator.

Love: Why exactly did you do everything you have done so far? Why did you go to that college? Why you took that course? Why did you join this company? If it has been for any of the three reasons above, it is time to take out a rubber and erase your canvas so you can correct it. If, however you are here because you really hoped that what career you're choosing will give you work satisfaction, a feeling that you're doing what you're suppose to do, a feeling that you enjoy what you are doing, then everything else doesn't matter. If only you love your work, you can love your life, and spread some of it to others.

Achievement: Is performing your task an achievement? Did it required more efforts, ability, push to accomplish it? Your work-life can be divided into several achievements, every next task that you do requires more talent, skill, ability, and effort to accomplish it - and that becomes your achievement. Like clearing a stage in a game, and going to next. Upgrading yourself with newer versions of your own knowledge is very essential and it will give you passion to conduct yourself to superior work quality.

Fun: "If you think daily that this might be the last day of your life, one day certainly it would be true." So the place and the job your doing for 60% of your waking hours should certainly be enjoyable to do. Try to seek fun in the work you're doing, enjoy your work.

If this three is your key motivator, you sure will have a great and long life, save early wrinkles and high blood pressure. Is money, recognition and fear are more important than your health and happiness?

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