Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Step to Learning Programming...

I had a terrible start. Around 17 years back I decided I will be a computer programmer. My first serious encounter with programming was "C". I was from ICSE board, and they had BASIC not even C as part of their academic. We had DOS those days, and had to remember the commands. Loosely talking there were BIOS calls to be made after setting various bits in the CPU registers to get things to work. There were no background process other than TSR programs. Achieving graphic result was accompanied with tons of secret codes, even some ASM.

We didn't have Internet. Damn, there were no mouse! It needed to be typed, there were very few books detailing the secret weapons. We were hearing from distance horizon of something called Java cooking up. We read, it runs inside a box and no system calls can be made. It wouldn't have been used either for serious UI based application nor for writing any background service. I don't worry what Java 6 or 10 has now, but that's how it was in 1996.

Things are changed now. Instead of calling interrupts, we call the APIs or damn me we call the "Framework"'s function. Things are encapsulated at such a detail that your compiler will even help you run your code in 32 or 64 bits computer with almost no effects.

So whats the point? When you drop Internet, when you drop your Superior High Level Language, and when you seat naked with your command line based compiler, then it makes you do one thing that you absolutely and essentially need to be a programmer. That is, Think!

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