Monday, March 18, 2013

Are we lazy programmers?

When we were young programmers, someone said they are learning programming HTML. Now, some might not understand it - but its the biggest LOL moment for anyone. Dude, HTML is not a programming language. Without much change in earth magnetic fields, the world is upside down now, HTML5 is now a mobile app development language. You can really make apps that sells in AppWorld for BlackBerry and other devices programmed in HTML programming language.

The other habit that we programmer have formed is of pressing the Run command almost as a nerve reflex, written a function, build&run. Added a blank class, build&run. Declared a variable, Build&Run. The habit to try to run the program and see fast results, is, well making us do do quick fixes than doing it right. Again, running compiling and running programs were just a lot harder in old days. And hence it was more welcoming to actually review the code with eyes and ensure of resolving bugs before doing a compile and link.

Getting to market was even more harder, required budget. When we used to write programs for Visual Basic, it created SETUP than spanned to multiple floppy drives (VB has an option in installer to support multi-disk spanning). The disks were labeled in order and shipped to customers and reviewers. Don't get me started on how many disk failed during transitions, even after putting Handle With Care on the envelopes. Now we have the AppMarket concept, just build a fart app and upload it online.

So are the new generation of programmers actually lazy?

Actually programmer is becoming a more broader word, we need to create new words. Like the way we differentiated coders and developers. A developer has to analyze a problem, design a solution, implement with code and test his work.

The question also depends on the Company you are employed in, if you are working in a company making "Flashlight" app you might do well being a lazy programmer. If you are in one requiring Tzinga every hour, your better off going more traditional.

"So do you want to be a lazy programmer all your life, or join us and change the world?"

No offense intended for HTML... programmers, ah cr*p.