Saturday, November 30, 2013

Emergency landing.

Recently I was flying on IndiGo. The pilot announced, "We are expecting to land before schedule, thank you for flying with IndiGo". Somebody had a heart-attack! The air-hostesses started running around with Oxyzen cylinders and First-aids, the pilot again announced, "If there is any Doctor please let us know." I was thankful I was not a Doctor.

Then the dreaded, "We need to make an emergency landing at Lucknow to deboard the patient." Ah, there, we were expecting to land before time and now it would be delayed by like 10 minutes. Land, deboard, fly again. Yes, right?

No. After the patient was deboarded,  a set of process started. The engineers inspected the plane with their usual colorful forms, the agents checked every hand baggage to check whose who, the air hostesses made a detail report over the patient heart-attack and steps taken. I think even the air-plane was wiped clean and refreshments were quality checked. After 1 hour of impatience waiting of the customers, finally the pilot announced, "We are clear to take-off."

The point? A business is not run by couple of competent employees or sharp decision makers. The business runs on a "systemetic process". If you don't have every step of your business operation and process documented and transparent, you are running a hobby not a business. The number one rule of growing your business is to have a process and follow it. No matter how inconvenience it is to your employees or the customers, or yourself. Following the steps while minute to minute product versions or "patched" builds are given to end users, will ensure a turbulence free flying of your business.

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