Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Outdated Programmer

Suppose like Predestination, I have travelled back 10 years and met myself. Seriously, haven't you seen the movie? So I meet myself, and advise him, errr, me, "Dude, Learn Java!". But I say, "No, I love compilers. And how the hack do you create Windows app with Java (that people buy)?". And then I say, "Dude, drop your Windows." And then I say,  "Are you serious? What should I code for then, Nokia?" And I give up, there is no arguing with the younger me.

Now hypothetically, assume another me, the future me, comes and meet me now. See me coding Objective-C and running on iPhone 6 Plus, and says, "Dude, Learn Swift. The Apple Micro-oven doesn't support Obj-C anymore."

So what can we get from this, either Predestination got into my head or I am trying to make a point. What is the point? If you make no mistake in your life, you are stupid. If you make the same mistake twice, you are fool.

The other point I am trying to make is, embrace the technology as it comes. I have personally witnessed the upcoming of Windows, Java, .NET, iPhone, Android, each one taking over the predecessor technology and moving forward. For sure, the first version has always been crappy, and the already established VB6 can do so much, and make an OLE connection, which the new one can't. But guess what, the new one gonna get better while the old one get stuck where it is now. And then you are moving with the time, and your tool is not. This is certainly not a situation you want yourself to find yourself into. Keep your ears open to the upcoming drumbeat of the newest disruptive tech, and be ready to learn it as quickly as possible.

Keep calm and learn on.

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