Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What NOT to do in SEO?

"Social is taking over." May be it is, if you are on your way to build a brand and not profit. Of course there is nothing wrong with making a brand, recently read, Disrupted from Dan Lyons, which certainly points out the loose ends in the startup world. The focus on building a cool culture, followers and brand rather than the product itself. This certainly works if you are targeting IPO or big VC funding, but not if you wish your business to make the bread and butter for you.

And hence, if you are in the Internet Business, you cannot deny or leave SEO. Lets give a look at 5 things you should NOT be doing while doing SEO for your web site.

1. Hope

Launch a product and seat back and relax and "hope" to get all those backlinks and optimisations to happen on its own. No matter how good your product is, if no one is going to see it, no one is going to buy it.

Start on your SEO activities from day 0, before you even launch your product, setup a blog, setup a landing page, start collecting emails, build anticipation and get your domain indexed.

2. Blog, but just Blog

A great content marketing doesn't end with writing a great piece of content. You need to get it some eyes and optimised for SEO. First choose what you blog about carefully, the way I do is to look in the Google SER's related and "People also ask" section to point out the long tail keywords. These long tail keywords are easier to get ranked for and bounces ideas for the blog topics. Once you have the right keyword and written about it, go ahead and do Social Bookmarking. The top 10-20 are good. Build a few backlinks to it. You know the tricks.

3. Not be Mobile Friendly.

Ah, dear God, do I really need to tell the obvious. Your site and every page you put online now should be responsive, every thing.

4. No Visual Contents

Infographics, Videos, eBooks and white papers, just about any content that takes more than a few hours to research and write is a deal-maker for your SEO activities. Do not rely just on posting 4 paragraph of text and doing it just for the Google bots.

The visual contents get shared more, liked more and seen more. The visual content will help you keep your visitors on your page, and share your content further.

5. Be Scared of doing SEO

I know how scary it is to do SEO. Should I do Directory Submissions? Should I post an article on that Article Ezine? Should I do Guest Blogging? Should I even do a press release?

Unless you are Brittney Spears (or Kate Perry or whoever new kids listen to now), and people are not going to search for your brand to begin with; you should get over your fear of doing SEO and do it. In fact I have seen pages rank just for doing WhoIs Directory submissions? How thin is that? At least when you are beginning you can recover from a hit. When you are already down, there is no place to go but up.

Here is a quote from The Social Network that means a lot:

Sean Parker: You think you know me, right?
Eduardo Saverin: I’ve read enough.
Sean Parker: You know how much I’ve read about?
Sean Parker: Nothing.